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           Founded in the year 1976 by Carlos A. Casellas, it grew from a garage operation where hospital cutlery was packaged, to a multi-site, international operation servicing each and every packaging need in both Puerto Rico and Costa Rica.

            Packaging Solutions has been the packaging supplier of choice of many customers in the pharmaceutical, medical device, food and beverage, electrical-electronic and agricultural markets for more than three decades. We offer packaging solutions to meet any and all clients’ requirements.

            Our company has the expertise, the state of the art machinery and the committed workforce to cover the whole spectrum of packaging specification and solutions. Its operation is divided into two main divisions: Paper and Plastic.

            The Paper Division in Las Piedras has its own corrugator which exports the highest quality paper from the best European mills to produce multi-specification corrugated sheets to meet any purpose. The sister plant converts this corrugated material into numerous types and styles of  boxes, partitions, corner boards, scored sheets and is able to add additional antistatic and foam cushioning options.

            The Plastic Division in Bayamon has three separate plants which manufacture flexible, rigid and EPS foam packaging as well as related construction products. The Thermoforming plant fabricates rigid trays and parts to service primarily the  pharmaceutical, medical device and food industries. Our Films plant manufactures plastic, metalized and laminated films as well as specialty bags and bubble wrap products. Finally, our EPS plant produces foam products for retail, industrial and construction needs.